Last Change: November 13th 2021


As a Guest user (with no account) we store general anonymous statistics on your website usage.

If you create an account with us, or login to an account, we will store the information visible on your account page. We also take extensive logs, for the purpose of security and audit, certain actions such as resetting your password or changing account settings.

Removal of audit logs can only occur if the following conditions are met:

We may be required by law to keep your data for longer, or pass it to third party, for instance if a court orders us to do so. In this event, we will comply as much as required by law.


You can control your email preferences on your account page.

It is not possible to disable important notifications. We will only send these notifications if we are:

Security Tokens

We extensively use short-lived security tokens. These are not used for tracking you and are not stored in relation to any personal data. The purpose of these tokens is increase security on EllinghamDev by, for example, implementing request forgery protection.

Useful Tools

Unless otherwise specified below, we do not store input data for any longer than is necessary to process the output except when required for security purposes or by law. Unless otherwise specified below, this data is not transmitted to any third-parties.

DNS Lookup

In order to process DNS Lookup queries, we use the information provided to search a number of Domain Name Servers for a relevant result. We have no control over how this data is used by the third party services but no personal data is ever transmitted.

We may store the DNS Lookup result for an undefined length of time. This is not linked to any personal data.


From time-to-time, we may update our privacy policy. You can opt-out of privacy policy update emails in your account communication preferences. We will always ensue the last edit data displayed at the top of our privacy policy is correct and upon changes.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact us.

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