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Your privacy is important to us. We use cookies. You can control what cookies you use on this page or within your browser. But it's important to remember that by changing the behaviour of cookies, certain functionality may be impaired or become unavailable.

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The cookie, named "cookieConsent", is a simple cookie that only contains the value of -1, 0 or 1. It does not contain any personally identifiable information and cannot be disabled without browser intervention.

Session Cookie

The session cookie, "EllinghamSession", holds a unique value that is used to identify you as an individual. This cookie is required to keep you logged in. This cannot be controlled from this page but it only used when you:

  • Use user functionality, such as login and register
  • Submit an enquiry on the contact form*
  • Cause an error that needs to be tracked*

* If you are not logged in, these cookies are deleted as soon as their use expires. We do not store personal information unless you explicitly provide it to us.

Third party cookies


We use Google Analytics and Google Adsense on this website. These cookies can be controlled on this page. Disabling cookies does not prevent adverts from being shown, nor does it prevent basic usage reporting.


We do not track your activities except where security is involved or an action, such as posting a comment or making changes to data, is performed. We do not sell your data and your IP address is automatically hashed after 10 days of inactivity, unless there is a legal reason not to.

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