UserSystemForPHP Stable Release (V0.4.0)

Today we've release the first stable version of the UserSystemForPHP. A lightweight yet powerful library for managing users on your website.

Supports MySQL, MariaDB and SQLite.

View on GitHub:

Use Composer to download composer require ellingham-technologies/phpusersystem or add "ellingham-technologies/phpusersystem": "^0.4" to your composer.json file

Release Notes

Stable release This release has been classified as a stable release. Though it is not expected that there will be major breaking changes for Version 1.0, aways read the release notes before upgrading.

  • UserMeta: Now works, meta_value is always an array of meta values
  • UserMeta: isMultiValue() and makeMultiValue() now deprecated
  • UserMeta: Removed populate() method
  • UserToken: Fixed issue with tokens (random_bytes)
  • UserToken: Better handling of expired tokens
  • UserLimitHelpers: Fix for SQLite
  • User: checkIfExists(string $field, $value) : bool now accepts 'user_id' as a $field
  • General.php has been removed
  • PHPHelpers required version is now v0.5.0 or above
  • Controllers and Models are now final classes and cannot be extended
  • Many more tests
  • Many minor fixes
  • Improved documentation

Travis CI build for V0.4.0 [passed]

Code Coverage for V0.4.0 [77.67%]: link for V0.4.0:

Composer Details for V0.4.0:

  • Add "ellingham-technologies/phpusersystem": "^0.4" to your composer.json file
Written by Kieran on 2019-05-19
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