Everyday Insurance Services: New Website Released

We've just release the new website for Everyday Insurance Services. Everyday Insurance Services is a common example of the changing needs of an expanding business.

Previously the site was cluttered and although originally well designed, the addition of new content and features caused the site to become difficult to manage and in some places even broken.

The new site is mobile friendly and works well with all devices. We worked closes with Everyday Insurance Services to achieve the look and feel they desired.


One major challenge is working to ensure all compliance requirements are met. We worked closely with Everyday Insurance Services to ensure all compliance steps were taken and achieved without harming the design of the website.

This website is a great example of how a seemingly simple task can end up become a very time consuming project if the proper steps are not considered from the start.


We were able to achieve a quick migration of the hosting services and all the emails by working closely with Everyday Insurance Services to ensure they would not suffer any loss of business. The migration of emails includes all of the emails stored by their old provider by syncing the emails by a IMAP synchronisation utility (imapsync). We were keen to ensure no loss of service so we ensured that syncing was regular to prevent lost emails.

Continued work

We continue to perform maintenance and updates as part of our standard service. Interested in exploring their website? Visit https://everyday-insurance.co.uk

Written by Kieran on 2019-07-29
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