The Factory pattern in PHP

The Factory pattern, probably the most commonly used in PHP.

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The Singleton Pattern in PHP

The singleton pattern in PHP is rarely explained and often misunderstood. Let's try to clear that up.

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Triggers and Procedures in MySQL/MariaDB

Triggers and procedures can be powerful tools in MySQL and MariaDB. It's worth knowing what they are and how to use them.

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Foreign keys in MySQL/MariaDB

Foreign keys are an important part of relational databases. In this article we will explore what they do, when to use them and how to use them.

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Everyday Insurance Services: New Website Released

The new Everyday Insurance Services website has just been release. A responsive design for the modern world.

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Why you should consider using SQLite

SQLite might not be suitable for large databases. But most databases aren't actually that large. SQLite might be the option.


PHP 7.4 is coming! A quick overview

PHP 7.4 is on its way, with an unconfirmed final release date in December 2019. Here's a quick overview.


Hashing Passwords in PHP

Hashing your passwords is important for security. Here's a guide to doing it right.

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Bitwise Operations in PHP

Bitwise operations can be pretty useful, especially for things like flags. Unfortunately, many PHP developers don't realise the power of Bitwise operations.


Storing passwords and private credentials on GitHub

It's a surprisingly common problem with Version Control Systems. How to keep secret keys (such as database passwords, AWS keys) out of the repository.



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